Puzzle Orbs is a drop-based puzzle game similar to classics such as Tetris and the Puyo Pop series. Match orbs of the same color and try to create chains of multiple colors, but don't let your board fill up to the top or the game is over! Play solo or against another human opponent with easy to use multi-touch controls.

Features include:
  • 3 rule-sets with 3 possible difficulty settings for a total of 9 modes to play
  • Solo mode games are automatically saved when the app exits
  • High speed 60 frames per second graphics for maximum responsiveness
  • Play solo mode in either portrait or landscape orientation (2-players currently in portrait only)
  • Move and rotate orbs simultaneously using a 2nd finger
  • Play with another person on the same device
Available for the follow platforms:

For support or other inquiries: info@puzzleorbs.com

© 2009, 2010 Robert Broglia